sign in quickly and securely with Facebook, and start building stronger agreements with your Facebook friends. Social Credit is a free service!


Create an agreement on your own terms. It can be a simple promise, event attendance, volunteer work, borrowing/lending, or involve financial stakes. Then choose a Facebook contact to invite as party to your agreement. Once they accept, begin building Vowched social credit points.

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Your agreement must include at least two other contacts: one to share and one to mediate the agreement. The mediator will have the responsibility of adjudicating disputes. They will receive Vowched social credit points in the process!

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The type, value, duration, and level of satisfaction in your agreement define how you build Vowched social credit points. The credit you earn does not have any monetary value, but you may choose to share your score with Facebook contacts to demonstrate Vowched worthiness for future agreements.

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featured news

Improved Vowched Graphing
See an annotated timeline of your Vowched progress.
Share Your Score with Apps
You can now share your score with apps such as AirBnb, LinkedIn and Yelp!
Vowched v1.4 Released
We added several features to enrich your experience
Vowched v1.2 Released
Now you can link your Facebook event with an agreement
Vowched v1.1 Released
New features including amending agreements, level of satisfaction, and agreement types have been introduced.
Vowched Live
You can now create agreements, earn Vowched, and share with Facebook contacts!
Finalizing Vowched Algorithm
We are polishing our algorithm for each role and responsibility in coordination with with the type and length of each agreement.
Development Begins
We hope that you are considering your social agreements. Feedback always Welcome.